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Five Ways to Make Reading Fun

Parents are always asking me how they can make reading fun. I put a list together of FIVE fun and creative things you can do to encourage reading, I hope you enjoy!

Five Ways to make reading fun (1).png

1. Read with a Flash Light

Reading with a flash light is gimmicky but fun! Shine-a-Light books are PERFECT. They are engaging and the perfect books to read with a flashlight. Designed specifically to be read with a light to help see hidden images on each page, there are books for children of all interests and age levels!


2. Arrange a Book Tasting!

Not sure which books will peak their interest? Host a Book Tasting! Set up books from several different genres and let them choose one to read. You can do this yourself, OR schedule a Book Tasting event! Learn more HERE!!

Book Tasting

3. Make a Special Place for Reading

When you have a fun place just for reading, it becomes an experience. Here is an EASY and NO SEW Reading Chair!


4. Closed Captioning

Do your kids watch television? Mine sure do! One way to reinforce reading, even while watching television is to turn on the Closed Captioning feature. It works! For added fun, watch cartoons in a foreign language.

Do your kids watch TV-.png

5. Reading Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun printable from Modern Parents Messy Kids with 25 different types of books for your child to read. Once they have completed the Scavenger Hunt, they get a reward!fc9e93c3277d04fd21c03b6b110af844

Will you be trying any of these? Leave your favorite idea below!




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